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Increase Revenue, Grant Writing, Business Plans, Crisis Management & Business Acquisition

Quiet Storm Enterprises, Ltd. is based in Rockford, Illinois, and helps businesses increase revenue, provides help with grant writing, and creates business plans for businesses around the world. As a business, our mission is to help you build a successful business.

Grant Writing & Business Plans

In today's economy, businesses often need a bit of a push in order to operate effectively. We help boost your business with grant writing, and create new business plans for companies in Rockford. Our professional business consulting services are designed to help your business operate smoothly and efficiently.

Grant writing allows us to help you get the funding that your business needs. We identify the applicable foundations for your programs and customize your grant proposals for each foundation. This approach takes the weight and confusion off your shoulders and leaves it up to our professionals. Your proposals will be mailed to you for signing, and forwarded to the foundations. All proposals are transferred to CD, so that you can make copies and continue to seek funding from other foundations. The most popular grant writing package includes two comprehensive proposals.

Our business plans provide a comprehensive plan for new and upcoming companies, as well as those that are struggling to operate effectively. Over the years, we have helped to enhance several companies, and we strive to get better with each passing experience. Our business plans are designed for businesses who are ready for website creations to market their products to the public.

Increasing Revenue

To grow, you must increase revenue. Our professionals will help you increase your business leverage by obtaining customer insights on your value, vulnerability, and potential campaigns to maximize your return on investment. We use these insights to reallocate marketing budgets from branding to Internet presence. In the information age, Quiet Storm Enterprises understands technology, as well as how it converts into customer relationship management.

This understanding lets us build a database about customer value, vulnerability, and potential. Some of our tactics are used to maintain existing customer relations, while some increase market share through maximizing web analytics, targeted marketing, and testing creative offers to measure and redeploy what works. To monitor your success, every aspect of our efforts are tracked and reported.

Crisis Management & Business Acquisition

Quiet Storm Enterprises, Ltd., is based in Rockford, Illinois, and provides support for business acquisition, startup, and sales, as well as help with crisis management for businesses worldwide. Our mission is to ensure the success of your business by helping you build a positive brand, from start up through sale.

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Crisis Management

Crisis management is designed to help minimize your business losses during times of crisis. Our first step is to perform a feasibility study for your business. Whether the results are positive or negative, the study can help entrepreneurs and managers to better understand what aspects of the project are of the greatest importance to their business process.

If the study results are negative, those findings may uncover previously unknown market opportunities. This may set the stage for successful products
and services. If the study returns positive results, those findings should provide useful insights and benchmarks for the business as it moves forward. As your business consulting partner, Quiet Storm Enterprises, Ltd., will work with managers and owners to execute a strategy that suits your specific needs.

Business Acquisition, Startup, and Sale

Our team assists businesses in purchasing existing businesses or franchises. We know what it takes to buy and operate a business, and it is essential to begin with a well-thought-out business plan, and an understanding of the market that you plan to acquire. Our team will help you articulate a strategy that will guide you in finding and assessing targets.

We also provide a basis for determining what you will pay for the target. Our duty is to ask you the following questions before you determine if a service is right for you:

  • What have you already demonstrated that will allow you to succeed?
  • Are you strong in sales, manufacturing, or distribution?
  • What specific industry knowledge have you built?
  • Do you plan to succeed because it's a high growth sector, or do you plan to consolidate companies and occupy the top position in a shrinking market?